Technology Valley exists to improve the connection and collaboration between business, individuals, researchers, government and professional service providers for mutual benefit and economic advantage through activities organised by the society.

Why do we need it?

The government's business growth agenda has identified substantial opportunity for GDP growth in New Zealand through increasing our exports of high-value manufactured products and services. Lower Hutt has the fourth largest number of people in New Zealand employed in medium-high tech manufacturing industries. The region has a significant depth and breadth of manufacturing expertise, so is well positioned to increase activity in the high value manufacturing and services sectors. One of the challenges for the many small-to-medium businesses in the area concerns resourcing and leveraging opportunities for growth. Technology Valley offers a collective voice and resources to increase the scale of individual businesses through group initiatives.

Why get involved?

For an employer in the region the benefits from Technology Valley’s focus come from the promotion and support that provides the right environment for a healthy and growing ecosystem. Helping to develop Technology Valley allows you to contribute towards the health of the ecosystem in which your business operates and the businesses your business works with. So put your hand up and say “yes, we're part of this, this is what we do and this is what we could do together”. 

What is happening?

Work is underway to develop a programme of activities to deliver impactful outcomes to Technology Valley members.


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