Cynthia Hunefeld founder of HerbScience

An investor, but more importantly the ‘right’ investor needed to help develop validated herbal medicine

HerbScience director Cynthia Hunefeld has proof of concept for her antimicrobial plant extract.

Dozens of peer reviewed overseas science publications have also demonstrated the efficacy of the natural extract at treating a range of bacterial diseases.

Equally there’s a growing worldwide problem of antibiotic resistance as another reason for a market pull for a quality plant-based antimicrobial.

The next challenge in the Technology Valley Tirohanga-based entrepreneur business plan is finding an investor to help advance product testing and marketing.

But it is not just any investor that’s required. For example a person or entity prepared to back a digital based product or service could be relatively easy to find. Such investors are aware of the risks in I.T. funding.

“It’s important to me to find the right connection,” says Cynthia, who is an entrepreneur in Wellington Victoria University’s ‘The Atom’ incubation space, and has recently completed study in post-graduate clinical research and a Masters in Innovation & Commercialisation.

“The investor needs to be someone whose heart is in the right place. As Simon Sinek [author and speaker] says, you need to find people who connect with your ‘why’.”

Cynthia’s ‘why’ is founded in her 20 years of experience with plant-based medicines from around the world.

“The reason I wake up in the morning and build my business is that I want to honour the deep understanding of plant medicines and holistic wellbeing that was developed over thousands of years,” she says.

“I truly believe that by connecting tradition & science we will develop the medicine of the future.

“Such an investor will have to understand what we’re trying to do, be passionate about it and other herbal products’ potential, and be willing to trust me to do this to the highest standard.”

Cynthia says what will be achieved through outside funding is a product line based on many years of experience and innovation and produced of the highest quality.

The supply chain for these herbal products will also be sustainable and Fair Trade.

“That’s part of the reason I am looking for someone with a long-term mindset” she says.