Woolchemy neweFlex wool adl and synthetic 2

Apartment-based pets target for highly absorbent wool

One area of potential use for Woolchemy’s highly absorbent wool products are pets - particularly pets mostly confined to apartments.

The Technology Valley Upper Hutt based business has a patented process to reverse wool’s normal water resistance.

Its founder and CEO Derelee Potroz-Smith says a small layer of its ‘neweFlex’ product is proving much better than fossil fuel based alternatives in the personal hygiene arena such as baby diapers and adult incontinence products.

“There’s also a lot of promise for our wool product in the USA pet market,” she says. 

“About 65% of households within USA own either a cat or dog.  Many of these pets live in high rise apartments. But how do you deal with pet waste in such as confined space, particularly if the pet owner is away during the day?”

One factor in particular is the strong ammonia smell associated with pet urine.

However, wool naturally neutralises this smell.

“Pet products for this market is one area we’re looking at quite closely. It solves a problem, and as a natural, sustainable, biodegradable product we may well be just the solution people are looking for.”

(Picture: Raw wool, the highly absorbent neweFlex and a synthetic comparison)