Ashen 7

Avoiding the gaming company death process

Obtaining outside investment from Chinese game/IT company Netease enabled Technology Valley Alicetown based production company A44 to overcome “the thing that kills design studios.”

A44’s CEO Derek Bradley says many gamemaking studios will finish a project, and, if obtaining a publisher, then have to wait for up to six months for any money for its actual sale. A44 made the big box video game format 'Ashen'

“That waiting pretty much kills them,” he says.

“By that time, if they’re not on a firm financial footing, they have to scramble for a new deal...usually a very unfavourable deal.

“For that reason a gaming company has to be very strategic about its financing...and why one of my priority jobs in our first year was to address that six month funding gap.”

(Caption: A44 video game, Ashen)