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Awesome to build something with a piece of magic in it

Eight360 is an unashamedly engineer-led development.

The VR-toting spherical simulator which you drive/fly while secured inside is a suite of know-how and implementation - a complicated piece of kit.

Its team is all engineers, who have ploughed through a massive range of research and development.

“We were a tech push, we saw a gap and applications,” says Chaos Pilot/co-founder, Terry Miller from Technology Valley Petone.

The development team recognised they could solve the myriad of issues around making an untethered ball...but only in stages.

“It was a team effort. We broke down the process into smaller steps, figured out some of the parts of the puzzle,” says Terry.

“We did it by having an iterative development plan, always searching to make a minimum viable product.”

Even in its early days, the project looked cool and different…”you build your prototype and see how it works.”

Now that the NOVA simulator is customer-ready, the results of the iterative development process is “something that is greater than the sum of its parts,” says Terry.

“It moves people.

“And that is awesome to be part of, creating something that contains a little bit of magic.”

(Caption: The untethered NOVA simulator ball has magic in it according to creator Terry Miller)