Eight360 Terry Miller with banner and T shirt

Hofstadter's Law applies for all projects

“I’m 73 in startup years” jokes 2019 Young Engineer of the Year winner Terry Miller.

Eight360’s CEO is wary of offering advice (as a self-confessed 29 year old still living with his parents, and who has just been paid for the first time in 2.5 years). The Technology Valley Petone-based startup co-founder has created a unique spherical motion platform - the NOVA. Strapped inside and donning a VR headset, the user is able to experience simulations of moving vehicles and other situations all while spinning over and over (even upside-down!).  

“If you’re going to do a hardware startup or project, remember that Hofstadter’s Law applies,” he says. 

“It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law!”

One piece of advice he gives is that nowadays people can Google almost anything relating to engineering.

“Once you know the question, what it is you’re trying to answer, you can go and solve your own problems,” Terry says. “You have to know what to ask… but then all the information you need is available in the palm of your hand.”

He says to also not be afraid to reach out to people in your field - “ask for help, a discussion, advice.”

“Find people who are passionate about the same things as you. Think about what communities or groups are going to be interested in what you’re doing, and get in touch with them.”

(Caption: Eight360 CEO Terry Miller)