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Global Seismic Data co-founder Steven McLauchlan

No problem with proprietary white labelling of GSD system

The creators of the world’s best structural health monitoring system are quite happy with the idea of others putting their own name on the outside of their piece of kit.

Technology Valley Grenada-based Global Seismic Data is a Software as a Service company whose lunchbox-sized sensor and software continuously transmits information about a building’s movements. 

Immediately after an earthquake, the information about how much a building has moved or been displaced can allow instant decisions by engineers on whether it is safe or not.

“We’re in for the long haul,” says GSD co-founder Steven McLauchlan who sees a worldwide market for their highly efficient cost-effective data sensors and software.

“Our main reason for creating our solution are humanitarian first and foremost,” he says.

“We want to ensure communities all around the world get the benefits of our technology.”

From that point of view GSD is already working with a number of global partners including engineers and insurance companies.

“We have no issue with our sensor becoming proprietary,” says Steven.

“They can put their name on it, and while we also capture that data, they’re free to use and interpret that information anyway that’s best for them.

“Ours is a product we can license to third party users. It has always been our intent for our system to be used by many many people, as widely as possible.

“We’re making great inroads to doing that right now.”