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GSD Steven McLauchlan 300x300
Global Seismic Data co-founder Steven McLauchlan

No problem with proprietary white labelling of GSD system

The creators of the world’s best structural health monitoring system are quite happy with the idea of others putting their own name on the outside of their piece of kit.

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Richard Doyle 3
Richard Doyle, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Wellington Victoria University's 'The Atom'

Entrepreneurs and business owners - learn how to speak in public

Entrepreneur in Residence at Wellington University’s The Atom innovation space Richard Doyle says he strongly encourages fledgling business owners to improve their public speaking and presentations.

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GSD Mark + Sensor 2
Global Seismic Data co-founder, Mark Futter and the 'building pulse' sensor

‘Building pulse’ data ramps up people’s safety and economic resilience

The genesis for Technology Valley Grenada-based Global Seismic Data’s business came eight years ago when co-founder Mark Futter was in a building that moved a lot during an earthquake.

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Eight360 Terry Miller with banner and T shirt build functionality

Eight360’s biggest challenge in its four and a half year development has been “surviving long enough to build out functionality,” says CEO/Chaos Pilot, Terry Miller.

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Derek Bradley A44 4

Rising to the top of world video gaming production

Derek Bradley’s sometimes disbelieving that running a video game production company is his current job.

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Ashen 7

Avoiding the gaming company death process

Obtaining outside investment from Chinese game/IT company Netease enabled Technology Valley Alicetown based production company A44 to overcome “the thing that kills design studios.

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Eight360 Terry Miller with banner and T shirt

Hofstadter's Law applies for all projects

“I’m 73 in startup years” jokes 2019 Young Engineer of the Year winner Terry Miller.

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Eight360 Terry Miller NOVA with advertising 1460 x 1095

Bring back a hardware incubator space

Without the now-defunct ‘First Assembly’ incubator (affectionately referred to as “1A”), it is very unlikely Eight360 would have survived.

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A444 Ashen 1460 x

The complexity of creating a video game

There’s a heck of a lot of complexity in an AAA computer game.

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Eight360 Terry Miller Engineer of the Year

Learning how to CEO

Terry Miller’s quite comfortable being an engineer. But the co-founder/CEO of Eight360, a unique spherical VR motion simulator, is much less comfortable in the role of company leader.

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