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Eight360 Terry Miller Engineer of the Year

Learning how to CEO

Terry Miller’s quite comfortable being an engineer. But the co-founder/CEO of Eight360, a unique spherical VR motion simulator, is much less comfortable in the role of company leader.

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Derek Bradley A44 2

Technology Valley has the potential to be a video game production hotspot

Technology Valley Wellington has the potential of Montreal to become a video game development hub.

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Derek Bradley A44 3

Satisfying the video gamer's need for story

Computer gaming’s twice the size of the global movie industry.

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Eight360 Terry Miller with ball 1460 x 800 ish

The big difference between a hardware and software startup

In a sense, kicking off a software oriented startup is easy. Write some code, launch, troubleshoot, patch, update, refine. . and sell of course.

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Synapco David Ussher 1460 x 1098

Understand your starting up risks

“If you’re thinking of starting up a business from scratch, it’s really important to understand the risks that are involved,” says Synapco Managing Director, David Ussher The Technology Valley Gracefield based...

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Woolchemy neweFlex and syntheticADL 3

Protecting knowhow vital for new wool process

It’s one thing to come up with a new process for reversing wool’s natural resistance to water, and instead make it highly absorptive.

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Eight360 Terry Miller 3 balls 1460 x 1095

Awesome to build something with a piece of magic in it

Eight360 is an unashamedly engineer-led development. The VR-toting spherical simulator which you drive/fly while secured inside is a suite of know-how and implementation - a complicated piece of kit.

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Woolchemy neweFlex wool adl and synthetic 2

Apartment-based pets target for highly absorbent wool

One area of potential use for Woolchemy’s highly absorbent wool products are pets - particularly pets mostly confined to apartments.

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Synapco David Ussher 1460 x 1098

Component manufacturer solves many ‘how to make’ challenges

Synapco-made components are an integral part of many other product offers ranging from cars to electrical goods, transport systems to office furniture.

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Arlo John Mitchell 1460 x 1098

Adwords and remarketing a key strategy for Arlo

Getting onto page 1 of Google search for a phrase like “event management software” could have been done with money, lots of money.

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