Technology Valley Forum Launches

Technology Valley has relaunched with an organisation aimed at connecting the local innovation community.

Technology Valley has relaunched today with the newly formed Technology Valley Forum, an independent industry organisation that supports the promotion, engagement, and collaboration of the innovation community of the Hutt Valley and neighbouring areas.

After decades of discussion, planning, and intention, Technology Valley’s latest rendering sees it take shape as a brand that will promote the area, its expertise and advantages. The Technology Valley Forum is the organisation that drives this brand, creating opportunities to promote it and facilitating connections between those operating in this eco-system. A significant aspect of the Forum will be facilitating regular engagement of this community which will enable the sharing of knowledge, ideas and resources, and provide an opportunity for meaningful collaboration.

“If we can get this community working together more collaboratively there is no telling the potential we will unlock,” says Technology Valley Forum executive director, Anthea Armstrong.

“We have a genuine opportunity to better connect this community and build a highly-functioning, cooperative eco-system of innovators. In doing so we can expect more efficient and effective practices, a broadening of knowledge and skills, the sharing of resources, more local purchasing, scalability, and a united voice on the big issues.”

In launching Technology Valley and the Forum, a website has been developed to further support the initiative and provide a portal to Forum activities, inspiring profiles of local innovators and updates from the wider network, and opportunities for businesses and individuals to connect with the Forum, their partners, and their shared initiatives.

This approach to supporting and promoting the Hutt Valleys technology and innovation capability and its people is the result of its first collaborative project, where leaders from this community met earlier in the year to determine a strategic direction for Technology Valley. The next major collaborative project will be in assembling the businesses and agencies that will join Technology Valley Forum and partner Hutt City Council in developing the Technology Valley brand identity.

Those interested in participating in Technology Valley Forum activities or partnering in the development of the Technology Valley brand are invited to register their interest here.