MJH Supreme award winners 1460 x 1098

The right people help MJH Engineering deliver steel structures on time and within budget

“I can’t  emphasise enough the  importance of having the right people on your team,” says Malcolm Hammond,  structural steel fabricator and founder of MJH Engineering.

The 110 person Seaview based  business is built on a culture “where people like coming to work, and it’s work that is enjoyable,” he says.

MJH has sometimes been referred to the Hotel California…where you can check out, but you never leave “We don’t have a high level of staff turnover, people like working here.”

Malcolm says the company invests a lot of time into training and developing it’s people. “We take pride in giving people opportunites and giving back to our industry.”

At any one  time the business employs between 6-8 apprentices.

“Sure, they might leave. But a surprising number come back to work for us.”

(Picture - Teamwork is a vital part of MJH Engineering's approach to structural steel. Some of its team is seen here as winners of the SCNZ Excellence in Steel Overall Supreme Award 2018. MJH founder and managing director Malcolm Hammond is second from the left)